From TMD and associated symptoms such as jaw pain, teeth grinding, clenching and headaches.

innovative and effective treatment

yes, really! in your ears

Cerezen™ is a pioneering medical innovation that effectively treats jaw pain and symptoms associated with teeth grinding and clenching. Discreet and almost invisible, these customised devices can be worn day or night. They’re comfortable because they’re specially-made for you.

about Cerezen™

Cerezen™ is a pioneering medical device that effectively treats TMD (Temporomandibular Disorders) and associated symptoms such as Jaw Pain, Teeth Grinding, Clenching and Headaches.

Clinically effective, and custom made to fit your ears, Cerezen™ devices can be worn day or night. They’re discreet and comfortable because they’re specially-made for you

If you suffer from any of the following symptoms, then Cerezen™ could be for you.

  • Teeth grinding or jaw clenching
  • Pain in the chewing muscles and/or jaw joint soreness
  • Radiating pain in the face, jaw or neck
  • Jaw muscle pain or stiffness
  • Aching pain in and around ears
  • Limited movement or locking jaw
  • Painful jaw clicking or popping when opening or closing the mouth

the science behind Cerezen™

When you move your jaw, your ear canal opens and closes. As the ear canal is so close to the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), it makes it the perfect place to target the source of your symptoms.

When your customised Cerezen™ devices are inserted into the ear canal, they retain the shape of your ear canal in the open jaw position because they are made from a 3D printed rigid material.

The Cerezen™ devices effectively encourage the jaw to return to a relaxed position and provides symptom relief.


  • Can be worn day or night except when swimming, bathing or during contact sports.
  • Effective, approach with long term benefits.
  • No adverse effect on speech, hearing or eating.
  • Most advanced, unique treatment for TMD on the market.
  • Cerezon™ is covered by some insurance providers. Please contact your provider for more details.


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