Complaints and Concerns

At Malmin Dental our aim is to give the best possible care and treatment to our patients. All feedback, comments, concerns and complaints about our services are to be encouraged and welcomed from patients and should be viewed as a positive way of looking at what we do and making changes to improve our service to patients.

Feedback, Comments and Concerns

All of our patients have the right to give feedback, make comments and express concerns. We encourage our patients to do so either in person or by using the practice suggestion box. We also employ a patient survey/questionnaire to monitor our service. We always aim to sort out any concerns they may have on the spot however if this is not possible we will offer them the opportunity to speak to a Practice Manager.


All of our patients have the right to make complaints about the practice, the practice services or facilities, a member of staff or treatment. Complaints must normally be made within 28 days of the event the patient wishes to complain about or within six months of finding out that they have a reason to complain, but no longer than 12 months after the event. Patients can speak to the practice manager in person, by phone, or in writing via email.

We will investigate the complaint speedily and efficiently and, as far a reasonably practicable, will keep the patient informed of our progress. Investigations will be completed where possible within 14 working days. Our aim is to react to complaints in the way in which we would want our complaint about a service to be handled.  We respond to customers’ concerns in a caring and sensitive way.

Practice Managers

Contact: Pretty Senthilingam
Tel: 0207 831 1702

Liverpool Street
Contact: Nasim Khaleghain
Tel: 0207 375 0844

Contact Celia O’Connor
Tel: 0207 431 7542


Contact: Carole Pearson
Tel: 0161 214 4800


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