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Dental Apps to Help you Smile 

It will probably be of no surprise to you that there are dental apps available related to all the things you really wanted to know about your teeth.

If you are the nervous type and are terrified of even putting your foot through a dentist’s waiting room door, make sure you download the app that’s intended to reduce your anxiety and give you all the energy you need to make that big step and get the treatment your teeth deserve. If you have already gone through a teeth whitening procedure and you have decided you never want to see a stain on your teeth again, you may like to download the smile analysis app, which will give you advanced warning if there’s any sign of discoloration in your teeth starting to recur.

The brushing app

This is available to download for Android devices, iPhone or iPad and it doesn’t cost a penny.

This app helps to make your 2 minute floss and brush twice a day a fun event. It can play your favourite music when you are in the brushing act so you can look forward to it twice a day. It’s great for every age group and not only does it provide entertainment but it can be programmed to remind you well in advance of your next dental appointment and even when the due date has been reached for your toothbrush to be replaced. This particular app has got 5 star approval, as it is supported by the NHS.

Chomper Chums®

This is an app that can be used by Androids and iPhones and is designed for children. Your kids are offered a reward every time they brush their teeth and with these points they can buy food and for a virtual pet that is supplied by Chomper Chums. As well as creating a fun environment it tells your children if the food and drink they are buying for their virtual pet is healt

The Dental Phobia app

This costs a tiny amount (79p) and can only be used by iPhone owners. However, it’s very informative for nervous people because it provides detailed facts about types of treatment so that any misunderstandings are sorted out. It knows everything there is to know about dental matters and you can talk live with a dentist about any concerns. It will put your mind at ease.

Virtual Dentist

This is a free app that provides dental simulations and can be used with an Android, iPhone or iPad. It’s hard to imagine that an app is so sensitive that you can get such a true experience of the outcomes of different dental procedures. This dental simulator app helps you to visualise the outcome of various dental procedures. You get a good idea of the effects of teeth whitening, braces stain removal, and gum reshaping. Of course, most dental treatment does cost money but with this app you get a good feel for the different dental procedures before making a choice.

Sugar Smart app

This is designed to provide information about the amount of sugar that can be found in food and drink straight off the supermarket shelf. You scan the product’s bar code and a fun graphical display appears showing the amount of sugar in a product by the number of sugar cubes present. Sugar is really a problem for everyone’s teeth, but children in particular.

If you are seeking more information about improving your teeth and your smile, arrange an appointment with Malmin Dental who will recommend the right treatment programme for you and your family.

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