Greener Dentistry

Our approach to ‘greener dentistry’ implements sustainable practices by keeping resource consumption eco-friendly, by safeguarding the external environment through the reduction of outgoing wastes and by promoting the well-being of all those in the practice by consciously keeping chemicals out of the air.

  • We are part of Camden Climate Change Alliance
  • Moving towards a paper free ethos with emphasis online, app and technology based
  • Green office supplies used in the office and on reception
  • Reducing the volume of single use items used in our practice
  • Using reusable and biodegradable sundries whenever possible.
  • Materials used in the build or renovation of the practice are environmentally friendly such as our natural flooring made from 97% natural raw materials, along with a 43% recycled content
  • Using less harmful disinfectants such as tea tree oil and thyme.
  • Power saving lighting used throughout the practice.