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The Health Benefits of Smiling

There is nothing better than feeling a sense of well-being flow through your body and there is no better way to initiate it than smiling. When you smile, especially in the presence of others, the act can become contagious. Suddenly, everyone starts smiling in your midst. It reduces every day stress and could even help to prolong your life.

Smiling is a stress reliever

When you smile, neuropeptides are released into your body. These natural chemical transmitters help to ward off the effects of stress. They are small molecules which allow nerve cells (also called neurons) to interact. There are “good” and “bad” messages that can be sent, depending on your mood, but the “good” neurotransmitters are known as serotonin, dopamine and endorphin.

When you smile, these are released throughout your body, and can help to stimulate you to relax. They can also help to lower your heart rate and blood pressure. Just that act of smiling eliminates the need to drop into your local chemist and buy the drugs that have the same effect.

Smiling improves your appearance

When people see you smile they have a favourable view of you and you will feel instantly that you are being treated differently. People are more likely to see you as attractive, reliable and sincere than if you go around with a fixed frown on your face.

Smiling gets passed around

When you have a beautiful smile on your face you generate a positive feeling amongst those around you. They can’t help responding to you with a smile too. This brings about a sense of well-being in a whole group that leads onto positive, flourishing relationships that do nothing else but good.

How to bring back your confidence with your smile

If you are afraid to smile because you don’t like the appearance of your teeth, there is a dental solution for that. You should arrange an appointment with your Malmin dentist who can suggest a treatment plan that will bring you the winning smile you have always dreamed about.

Your dentist can improve your smile

You shouldn’t fear smiling if you think your teeth look discoloured, crooked or unhealthy. Unfortunately, it is a fact that many people do, as they expect others to turn away when they expose their teeth. Fortunately, our dentists at Malmin Dental know what you are going through and can offer a number of treatments that will help to return a sparkling white straight appearance to your teeth which will cause you to smile more than ever before.

We provide a number of services, such as teeth whitening, clear braces, veneers and bonding that can help you to acquire straight, white teeth that will change your life forever. You should never delay dental treatment that will give you the confidence to smile.  The act of smiling is the gift you give to your overall health and well-being, which is infectious as it can be passed on to others in your presence.

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