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How Do I Clean my Invisalign?

Cleaning your Invisalign aligners
This is one in every of the foremost commonly asked queries by my patients who I even have treated with Invisalign!
The aligners are best cleansed with a dab of dentifrice employing a toothbrush. i like to recommend victimization regular dentifrice and not lightening dentifrice… some lightening toothpastes are abrasive and will boring the aligner… in addition it’s not counseled to use dental plate cleaners or soak them in mouthwash; a lot of this could boring he aligners and may create the aligners more visible.

Please Please Please!!! Brush and floss your teeth before commutation the aligner within the mouth… I even have seen patients gift with decay from not taking the time to try to to this…
Invisalign has cleansing crystals that the aligners may be soaked in if you are doing value more highly to soak them.
Hope this helps… the other queries please don’t hesitate to raise…

Cleaning Invisalign Trays
This is one among those KISS principles: Keep It easy.

Regular dentifrice together with your toothbrush, and suggested. different merchandise will discolor the aligners, creating the teeth look somewhat yellow. they’re replaced each fortnight, therefore it’s a minor issue, however if it becomes too difficult it will not be followed through.

But most significantly is to brush and floss once every meal. The aligners begin to act within the means a bleaching receptacle will, therefore if food and low pH scale spittle are treed, the teeth can “soak” in it

One of the benefits of Invisalign over braces is healthier hygiene. while not caring for the teeth before putting the aligners, it becomes a moot purpose.

Tooth brush and water, retainer cleaner or Invisalign crystals, or ultrasonic
We advocate our patients clean their aligners with water and a clean toothbrush while not dentifrice. Toothpastes have abrasives in them and can scratch the surfaces of the aligners. this may build the aligner look less clear and conjointly creates little traps for bacterium.

Invisalign doesn’t advocate this, however retainer tablets work well once or doubly per week. Our patients haven’t had any issues with cleansing during this manner. The Invisalign crystals may be used, however are quite expensive and not accessible outside the us.
Finally, there are personal-sized supersonic cleaner accessible. These devices cause terribly fine vibrations and waves to loosen and material stuck to your aligners.

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