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How Old Do Your Teeth Look?

Getting old is something you can do little about, but it is also the age that people never want to reach because they fear ill health, limited movement and even unsightly tooth loss. You can’t stop the aging process but you can do a little to help mask any possible symptoms and make the most out of your appearance. We live in an image conscious world over which we have little control, but there are ways we can adapt our way of life in order to fit in as best as we can. At Malmin Dental we have cosmetic solutions for your aging teeth that will help you to relive your youth.

What really happens to our teeth as we age?

There are various stages our teeth go through as we age, after succumbing to decades of chewing and biting. At the first emergence of teeth at a young age the two top front teeth had small ridges spread along their bottom edge and at the corners they took on a rounded appearance. As well as the effects of biting and chewing, constant brushing can wear down the enamel on the teeth’s surface and change the shape of your teeth.  As the enamel becomes thinner it appears as though the teeth are turning a more yellow colour. This is because the dentine found behind the enamelis a yellowy colour and there is little you can do about this on your own.

Dental solutions for aging teeth

You don’t have to live with discoloured teeth or tooth loss as dentistry has advanced so much in recent decades there are solutions to match almost all possible tooth imperfections. If you follow what your Malmin Dentist tells you, your teeth may even outlive you. You can expect at least to maintain a full set of working teeth well into your 60s and 70s.

Solutions for older teeth

  • For severely discoloured teeth, particularly in the front, wafer thin natural looking veneers are available that can be cemented onto your teeth’s surface to mask the unsightly yellow colour.
  • Chips are surprisingly common and could occur when biting down on something hard unknowingly and cracking a tooth. These can be repaired using a composite compound that can be matched to the broken tooth’s colour and fills in the crack or builds up a broken tooth. If there is a large amount of tooth missing this can be repaired by using a crown which is fitted over the top of the tooth.
  • If you have lost a whole tooth, fixing in a new tooth that matches adjacent teeth is now a common procedure. This is called a dental implant, where a titanium post is screwed into the bone to replace the missing tooth’s root. After a few weeks once the implant has settled into the bone a new tooth is fixed on top. There are all-on-4 implants available too which can be used as the base for fixing on a complete set of new teeth if all yours have been lost or they can be used to stabilise dentures.

If you are unhappy with the aging of your teeth, call Malmin Dental today as there will be a solution to help restore the full use of your teeth and how they look.

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