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Post Pregnancy Dental Care

When you become pregnant huge changes take place in your body. These are not just related to changes in your body structure, such as weight gain, but your teeth can be affected too. This means you have to take care of your teeth more than usual to ensure they remain healthy.

If you have any problems with your teeth while pregnant this is normally due to the higher than usual concentrations of the hormone, progesterone. This means that nearly half of mothers in pregnancy will encounter tooth related issues. Most of these can be offset by ensuring you maintain good oral hygiene while pregnant. Once the level of progesterone has become reduced, so will any problems associated with your teeth. The sorts of teeth problems you may encounter when you are pregnant include gingivitis, which is when your gums become inflamed and your gums are more likely to bleed.

What can you do to solve pregnancy related dental problems?

As your pregnancy progresses, you won’t feel your usual self. There is a tendency to eat particular foods because you have a craving for them without considering the damage they could be doing to your teeth. Things like sweets and sugar based products become the norm rather than the exception in your diet. To counteract this you need to pay more attention to caring for your teeth so when your child is born and your cravings soon disappear you won’t have damaged your teeth.

It’s so easy to fall in a trap when it comes to your teeth, particularly if you are young and you think your teeth are as good as they are likely to be. This is giving you a false sense of security. Don’t think that your teeth will always be the same, as they will change. You will encounter problems if you don’t fastidiously brush your teeth twice a day to remove all the particles that, if left on your teeth, could lead to the development of damaging plaque and later dental decay.

See your dental hygienist regularly

In order to avoid the bills of extensive post pregnancy dental treatment, ensure you see your dental hygienist at least twice throughout your pregnancy. He or she will give your teeth a good clean and remove any offending plaque and stubborn tartar that has built up while your body has been going through transformations associated with pregnancy.  This will put your teeth in good stead for the times following the birth of your child and you will be pleased that you have made just that bit of extra effort.

Pregnancy does not itself cause teeth related problems. As your gums are more prone to sensitivity due to elevated levels of hormones, you should be more determined to keep them clean. This means arranging an appointment to have a check-up at Malmin Dental whose dentists understand the problems you are going through while you are pregnant and will ensure your teeth are healthy as post pregnancy comes into view.

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