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The 3 cosmetic treatment that will give you the smile of your dreams.

You might be the sort of person who accepts your teeth for what they are, whether it’s mild staining, a chipped tooth or even a slightly crooked tooth. In fact, unless you specifically go to your dentist and ask how you can improve the appearance of your teeth, he or she is more likely to be concerned about the health of your teeth and whether you need any immediate treatment in order to keep your teeth doing what they are designed to do. That’s eating a variety of different food to keep you healthy.

There are other ways to look at your teeth rather than their health status and that is what they look like to others. The sorts of cosmetic dentistry available include:

  • teeth whitening
  • veneers/crowns/bridges
  • tooth coloured fillings

Stained teeth might become noticeable as you age, after years and years consuming products that can leave a stain behind. It can be caused by drinking red wine, coffee, smoking cigarettes, the use of antibiotics and simply age.

How can teeth be made whiter?

You can get professional whitening by one of our dentists at Malmin Dental. The first and most important step is to pay a visit to our dentist to check to see if you need any treatment, like a filling or a root canal. Once your mouth is healthy then that is a good starting point for commencing teeth whitening. It’s possible to whiten your teeth by up to 9 shades with the techniques we use.

Veneers cover imperfections

If your teeth have the odd chip out of them or they have unsightly spots or permanent discolouration, hiding the poor appearance can be done by fixing a wafer thin porcelain veneer to the offending teeth. It is possible to use veneers to conceal gaps too as well as teeth that are slightly out of position.

This is a cosmetic dental option offered by Malmin Dental with a minimum of preparation time. The veneer is custom made to match the colour of adjacent teeth and it’s fixed into place with strong but safe bonding glue.

White fillings are whiter than silver amalgam

Most of you don’t like to show off your grey amalgam between your teeth if you can possibly help it. But these days you can choose white fillings instead. Amalgam used to be the best material because of its strength, but now white, stronger fillings are available. The advantages over choosing a white filling and not an amalgam one are

  • Your tooth colour can be matched to the filling
  • White filling material does not contain mercury.


A porcelain crown is used to restore parts of a tooth that have been lost to tooth decay. It can be unsightly if part of a tooth is remaining, but a porcelain crown is light and durable and can be made to match the colour of adjacent teeth and fix the imperfection.

If you make an appointment with our Malmin Dentist we can recommend cosmetic treatment that will give you the smile of your dreams.


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