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The Benefits Of Removable Braces


In selecting an orthodontic braces system to straighten teeth, many individuals prefer their braces to be removable. Although modern removable braces are designed to mainly treat mild orthodontic conditions such as dental overcrowding, irregularly spaced teeth, skew and protruding teeth; removable braces may also be used to maintain teeth in their correct position after treatment with a fixed braces system.

Bespoke choices in removable braces systems

At Malmin Dental, we provide individuals with bespoke choices in removable braces systems. The benefits of removable braces are great:

  • Conveniently removed for daily activities, such as dental hygiene, eating, sports or playing musical instruments
  • Easily reinserted for the recommended approximate 22 hours of wear per day
  • Finely designed for greater comfort
  • Aesthetically-pleasing materials designed to be tooth colored or clear for greater discretion
  • Effective teeth straightening in a matter of weeks
  • Affordable through flexible payment plan

To meet the needs of diverse individuals we offer options in removable braces systems that include Inman Aligner and Invisalign. Young to senior people may be treated with a custom-made removable braces system such as one of these.

Inman Aligner – used to correct upper and lower front teeth misalignment, Inman Aligner braces may provide teeth straightening results within 12 weeks. With spring action to gently repositioning teeth, Inman Aligner shifts and retains teeth in their new position.

Invisalign – straightens teeth through a set of fine, clear plastic aligners that are replaced every two weeks. Through staged repositioning, Invisalign is worn like a mouth guard fitting snugly over the upper arch of teeth. Teeth are realigned between three and eighteen months, giving a beautiful smile with greater confidence. Adolescents have the option of Invisalign Teen while adults may opt for Invisalign Standard or Invisalign Lite.

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